Saturday, 18 August 2007

Hijab always in focus -

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty sheds light on an important question here.

It is not unusual to have bouts of uncertainty concerning Hijab once in a while. Is it really ordained? Why women? Why only women?

It can be confusing with the surrounding controvery. Hijab always being in focus, always talked about, always scrutnised.

Sometimes everything gleams at us so clearly and we fully understand and accept Hijab as our own.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of Hijab resources on IOL. This can be your starting page.

Happy learning!

High above all is Allah, the King, the Truth! Be not in haste with the Qur'an before its revelation to thee is completed, but say, "O my Lord! advance me in knowledge." (Ta-Ha: 114)

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Ten Things I Love About You (part 2)

(6) I am proud of who I am

Now, I am proud of who I am. I have eliminated worries about my weight, my height, my waist line. My brain has emptied out all these useless insecurities and filled itself up with ambitions that have brought my career to sky-rocket, my children to excel in school and my marriage to flourish. My parents are always proud of my achievements. I am able to lend a helping ear to those in need and hand-hold through to comfort without worrying about myself all the time.

I continue to strive and to learn and to harbour as much knowledge as possible with every passing moment as my nose will never be caught between leaves of cosmetic magazines sending signals to my brain that those glamorous pictures of beautifully computerized women are true to life.

My esteem is rock-steady because I know how to water it and fertilise it and reach for the light, the sun – rather than grovel in the soils of self-pity in search of worldly happiness that is as shallow as its glossy roots.

(7) I gel with the weather
I am always cool and comfortable with you around. You are loose around my body and do not stick to me on a hot blazing day. You give me air to breathe and when I am on the move, I glide easily as I do not worry about what I look like from behind or from the side – in fact I have nothing to hide, because I am all hidden.

If I feel cold, I slip an extra piece of clothing on – something just as non-revealing and it keeps me warm throughout the different seasons in the year.

(8) You have given me a sense of belonging
I do not wonder around aimlessly hoping for things to get better and worry why I do not fit in. This is because you have given me a sense of belonging that I belong to the believers of God. That by committing myself to you, I have made a commitment to the Muslim Ummah and insha’Allah will always be part of the Muslim community.

I have no qualms about not joining in on the latest hip parties or glamorous societies. I have you and you have linked me to true believers and advocates of Islam.

(9) I have become a better person
Now that I have you, I actively find ways to become a better person. It only fits the purpose as when you are around I feel the inner me must find ways to improve itself to suit the outer me. If I want to demonstrate the beauty of Islam, I have to do it from within as well as from the way I look from the outside.

I pray more diligently and smile a lot more. I provide for charity with whatever I do not need. I love my family more and pay attention to my friends. I shop wisely, and drive with greater care. I take time to laugh and I take time to cry. I appreciate everything that happens to me and it makes me a better person. I take my time to learn from my mistakes and never to repeat them again because I appreciate my every milestone I make in becoming a better Muslim.

(10) I feel closer to Allah with you around
And because of all of this, I feel so much closer to Allah. I am a more conscientious Muslim and I live from day to day in remembrance of the Lord. I do not worry about the shallow matters of dunya and concern myself with things that can make my life in the akhirah the most rewarding experience.

Thank you Hijab,
I hope you realize how much you mean to me!

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