Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Desert Store - Still a Top Pick in the Haven

I think one of the difficult parts of being a Muslimah revert is adapting to a so-called Islamic dress-code that seems foreign, traditional and alienating. This does not mean that the traditional jilbabs and abayas should not be worn, but I can understand that they do look intimidating to those who have not had enough exposure to their appearance. Of course, by wearing clothes that are contemporary is allowed and encouraged should it make a Muslimah a more confident person and proud of her religion, provided they comply with the tenets of Hijab.

So, I would like to re-visit Desert Store. It is a great place to look for Islamic Clothing, since they have the whole range of must-haves here in the store. Their jilbabs and abayas are extremely contemporary, yet modest. They jive well with busy-women-oriented societies - take formal and casual approaches as and when they have to. I would guess you can mix and match with shoes and hijaabs for the look you desire.

Their abaya collection seems to have a predominently black theme, but which woman does not wear black? It looks professional, is gentle on the figure and is easy to match with shoes, bags and brooches. Having said that their subtlety in their designs give room for personality and spice. There are some really lovely embroidery.

I also really like their jilbabs. I think the right jilbab makes room for a Muslimah in the corporate world. They really do - find a neutral coloured jilbab with a smart button-down front, and you will see what I mean. They are really attractive in all Islamic sense.

I hope to see additions though in Desert Store. Their gown collection looks rather enticing for those all-female occassions, though I would not mind something in black there! I hope to see more hijabs. With the range of other clothing, a wider selection of hijabs would be a great complement to the store.

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