Thursday, 13 September 2007

Ramadhan Reduction Special from Tudung Online!


How was your first day of Ramadhan? Mine was absolutely brilliant Masha'Allah.

More good news for Malaysian shoppers (only). Tudung Online has reduced delivery costs for orders from their store to RM2 for peninsular shoppers and RM4 for shoppers from Sabah and Sarawak.

They have a new awesome collection, especially for Ramadhan and Eid. Be sure to check them out now, since the scarves have been selling out extremely quickly.

Only 1 Pound per Delivery? Check out Island Cosmetics


Island Cosmetics has reduced their international postage fee to GBP1 per order. Is that not incredible? Internationally!

In fact, it is free for shoppers in the UK.

Save money this Ramadhan by purchasing your fragrances, make-up and skin care products from Island Cosmetics.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Going Hijabi for Ramadhan!

Aaahh... it is that time of the year again.

Ramadhan is a month of reflection for many - it provides time to appreciate the abundance of blessings Allah Ta'ala has bestowed upon us - most of which usually go unappreciated. It is a time to reflect on our deeds as suddenly we are conscious of all that has taken place over the year.

May we make amends during the month? Though we are are required to practice Islam throughout the year, Ramadhan always provides food for thought, with evil eradicated from our lives - the devil in shackles, leaving us to stand tall and turn away from distractions that could sideline our iman.

Many women decide to don the Hijab for Ramadhan, marking respect for the holy month. Somehow during this month, ibadah becomes simple, as it should be. It is not taxing nor tedious and practice is as easy as gentle breeze in the evening.

Wearing the Hijab during the month acts as a reminder to continue steadfast worship throughout the month. At the same time, many women who start wearing the Hijab during Ramadhan find that it is, after all, an easy task - enjoyable, liberating and fulfilling.

Ramadhan is a good time to start learning new forms of worship. Besides the Hijab, one can learn new prayers, read new versus of the Qur'an, visit neighbouring orphanges.

It is such a beautiful month that the normal environmental burdens such as heat, fatigue, laziness and ever miserliness are wiped away. Don't believe me? We fast don't we - staying away from food, drink and marital relations during the day, and we do it so easily!

Ramadhan Kareem everyone - may this Ramadhan flourish with love and joy, full of worship and renewed faith for Allah Ta'ala.

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