Saturday, 15 December 2007

Muslimah Working From Home - The Smorty Option

Being a mother is a major headache for any Muslimah today. Ask any new mum nursing a baby or just carrying her bundle of joy around in her arms. You worry about those years to come whre baby is growing up and the years of hormonal turmoil that accompany children that follow.

That is why many Muslimahs turn to work from home. Even those fortunate enough to be fully provided for feel an inevitable need to earn money of their own. After all, we are all born to think, the same way our babies are born to grow and make their own decisions.

Muslimahs working from home is not uncommon in any country - in fact, women working from home are of multitude culture, religion, upbringing and social status. Many agree that once they graduate from being a wife to a mother, many feel compelled to search for opportunities to earn while tending to their children.

Luckily for many, these opportunities do exist. Writing, web design, small business accounting, blogging, provide avenue for women to reaslise their work from home dream.

Blogging for money is exceptionally popular for mothers with the penchant to write. Not only is blogging perceived as therapeutic, it allows mental activity, which can easily die off when tending to children 24 hours a day. Getting lost in your kids is not unusual, especially if you are sticking to a strict routine. Getting paid to blog is just the icing on the cake. The concept of getting paid to blog is known as blog advertising where bloggers are given blogging tasks by paying advertisers. An objective view of the product or service at hand, within a stipulated length allows the advertiser to have his or her product promoted through your blog.

Services like Smorty provides such energy for passionate bloggers to get paid for writing blogposts on advertisers. Of course not all Work From Home Muslimahs are bloggers and are the least interested in writing or blogging. But if your home-based business requires some advertising, turning to Smorty is also not a problem at all. Smorty accomodates advertisers of a range of businesses and passes on your business advertisements to bloggers for effective promotion. blog advertising is an affordable yet effective method of delivering your business credentials to a wide network of internet surfers.

In years to come many more women may leave the career paths for the full-time job as mum - and if things can't get more demanding, many will look into work from home opportunities. The headaches of being a mum and those hormonal years to come may effectively be subdued.

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