Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Hijab Against Pedophilia

We have always marked the age of puberty the right time for both boys and girls to start obseving hijab. Generally it is when a girl first experiences her menstrual cycle and a boy's voice changes. However scholars have also mentioned that physical maturity does not necessary translate into mental readiness for adult life so they have added a few years to the benchmark for when they see hijab as an obligatory dresscode for both genders.

It is unfortunate though that many children nowadays grow up faster than even their physical developments. Some parents now even feel the pressure of encouraging hijab at an earlier age. By right, a child is a child and is allowed to be a child for as long as childhood permits.

But with the widespread atrocity of pedophilia and child ponography, children are becoming victims of distaste, just by being children.

It may just be an innocent talent show where kids are allowed to be kids, prancing up and down on stage, making their mark on their little world, impressing their parents and being cheered on by the masses. However, talent contests, which I may add, are now evolving into reality shows have little girls primmed up in make-up swaggering their hips around in stuffed brasserie miming to the latest bubblegum pop song. Was I talking about a talent show? Boys are not left out either. Latest dance moves and body signals emit lewdness that we normally see in the contemporary music video.

TV seems to be just the perfect breeding ground for blatant disregard of modesty. Though it may be all innocent and fun watching children enjoy themselves transforming into dancers, pop singers or favourite rap artists, who knows who may be watching? The show could very well be a dream-come-true for a pedophile.

Maybe it is wise to teach children about hijab a little earlier and even have them dress accordingly. Lewdness is becoming a norm in this world and the worse victims would be our children.

I don't find anything wrong with children appearing on the television. I just don't think they should be exploited for their innocence - and they really are innocent - even at their physical age of maturity.

The scholars are right, they need a few extra years of injury time to be considered an adult. As parents, we are responsible to guide them to proper Muslim dress-code. They need to know the wonderful value of decency and need to know that they need to be protected.

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