Friday, 15 February 2008

Pink for You, You and You!

Buy Or Sell Anything Pink.

Some girls go from hating pink to loving it. Some go from loving pink to hating it. Blame it on our hormones. So maybe you are saying you never liked pink or you have always liked pink. I guess it's really a personal choice.

That's probably why I love Pink Auction! Here is a playground for only the pink.

If you love pink, pick up some new pinky, lovey, jazzy, sassy and funky clothes / accessories / trinkets / toys / laptops / cameras and even shoes.

If you are far from the pink-lover, why not consider disposing off your pinks to Pink Auction. You may even make some cash from those who are deliriously in love with that colour! - Buy / Sell Anything Pink. Phones, MP3 Players, Straightners, Make Up, Hand Bags, Clothes, Baby Accessories, Travel Gear, Cars & Scooters, Shoes, Jewellery - Anything!

1 comment:

ammena said...

blah not a pink person myself, I think it looks washy on me. However I do have a few hijabs with pink in that I wear with only certain outfits and they look funky. Usually bright pinks though, although as I say that it sounds horrible :D

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