Saturday, 12 January 2008

Australian Branch, Australian Pricing?

More on the shopping cart software. I came across this website, which is effectively the same site I spoke of two posts before. I guess this is their Australian branch. Since, geographically I am definitely closer to the land down under rather than the States, I thought I would consider this site over the former instead.

After all, it still has all I need. A whole suite of services customised for the novice web designer / programmer. The complete e-commerce software would allow Hijab Haven to proudly present it's new store to it's shoppers. Apparently, their award winning shopping cart software will allow premium services to my valued customers - YOU! I am only looking forward to servicing my dear Hijabi Sisters out there. And my other Sisters who are also in the same boat as I am, I am more than happy to provide information such as this on my blog.

So I guess the only issue here would be the pricing - the only difference between the Australian site and the American one. Unfortunately, this is where things go awry. I ran a quick check on the exchange rate today, and I noticed that USD1 is equivalent to AUD1.12. So I was expecting the prices to be rather similar to the exchange rate.

This was not the case, I found that A Shop Commerce is using an exchange rate of USD1=AUD1.45. Perhaps this rate was correct prior to the recent deterioration of the US greenback - I do not know, but the difference is rather substantial, and I am sure that Aussie service providers can undercut this price by far. The only other difference I can think of with regards to this discrepancy in pricing is the the transfer of technology to Australia. I'm not sure - but it is a site worth to look at - it gives a picture of what service providers need to emulate in order to attract businesses big and small.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Meltdown Mania with Baby Bumps

Nope, no baby incognito but the ones that are out, up and about have been rather down and lowly lately. It's the weather - my kids are unwell and I feel upset by default. There has been non-stop wailing and screaming with meltdown climaxes that take place ever 3 .6 minutes. I feel so exhausted but I am pretty sure other mothers can empathise.

It is a good thing that these meltdowns have just been taking place at home. I always feel bad for parents who have to deal with the mayhem when in public. It is like everyone is ready to judge you, unfortunately "everyone" in this context are the public without children. It's normal. I get it all the time.

I have nothing against the general public who have not come to insane decision of having kids. It's true, sometimes I envy them. Care-free lives, movies any time of the day and night, naps any time of the day and night, baby-free mugs of coffee, long showers, proper meals, proper sleep. But I know of those who wish for kids and would trade their care-free lives for a day of my crazy one.

I know when my kids finally weather the weather, they will be back to normal. I will still remain the sleep-deprived writer with half a novel to my name. I will still be diapering and washing sippy cups. I will still be cooking 24 hours a day for them and eating left overs. I will still watch Sesame Street and wonder if Elmo will help me potty train my daughter. All that is normal and I am thankful for that.

Last night when my son's fever was at its highest, I was at my most afraid. Anything could have happened. All I wanted was for him to grow up into a good Muslim boy. I was hardly thinking of a care-free life - I was hoping for more responsibilities - enlightenment that he would get better. Alhamdulillah, all of us pulled through despite going white in the face. It was horrible.

Insha'Allah after this round of antibiotics he will be back to his bubbly self. I have no reason for envy - I have to weather this weather.

Hijab Haven's Own Shop?

Friends and loyal customers have asked me whether Hijab Haven would start producing their own merchandise. Currently, it is mostly a shopping mall with great shops from around the internet. Sure, there are plans for Hijab Haven to come up with its own brand name! I have searching around for tools to create Hijab Haven's online store.
I know other sisters have really successful online stores they can share with the world, so I was browsing around looking at how they operate and see how I can incorporate their tricks in Hijab Haven. I guess it is useful to learn something new every day. I remember when I first set up Hijab Haven as what it is today, my learning curve was extremely steep.
Anyway I was shopping around for some ecommerce software to help spur my new goal in setting up an online store unique to Hijab Haven. I mean, for someone with no e-commerce experience this can be rather daunting. I just know I need a whole system that can facilitate transactions with a shopping cart. So I was glad to find some interesting packages that have helped amateurs comme moi. A Shop Commerce for example, seem to have all it takes to set up an online store easily.
If I were to go ahead and set up my store I would need a reliable service provider as I would want to be one for Hijab Haven's clients. Hmm... you are my client, what do you think? Anyway, the store allows easy payment transactions - I know it can be a pain when shoppers are trying to shop and the stores do not allow payment modes of their choice. Furthermore, their shopping cart software and customisable designs are attractive. Besides, they allow a free trial. That's always a bonus.
Well, those are my aspirations for Hijab Haven. Insha'Allah things will develop in the right direction. I look forward to looking into A Shop Commerce. I am a novice with alot to learn. Hopefully there will be opportunities for me to be taught!

Resolutions for the New Year!

Now this is the real new year. Insha'Allah it will be full of blessings as last year was. This year I hope to look forward to bigger plans for Hijab Haven. Insha'Allah it will sprout a new look with more stores for you Hijabi shoppers to browse from the comfort of your own home. Also I am looking forward to providing a whole new lease of positive living for everyone out there. We know Islam is a complete way of life so I hope to pounce on every opportunity to allow knowledge (of any sort) to become part and parcel of the Hijab Haven blog. :)

Hope you keep reading. Something might just shout out to you!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Creative Stress Curbers

You know stress just mounts as we get older. And I mean we, because this new year, like any new year, each and everyone of us will be getting older. Insha'Allah, wiser too. I am sure we all find solace in the Qur'an and our daily prayers and quiet time and spirituality should always come to the rescue in time of need. Some alternative activities to de-stress can also be those that exploit your creative side.

They can be like planting flowers, cooking a gourmet meal, writing that overdue novel or painting. All in which there are blessings if we have the right intentions. I know I have a half written novel in my pen-drive and its fading plot in my mind. Insha'Allah I'll see more of that this year, the same I will see more of the Qur'an this year!

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