Friday, 11 January 2008

Hijab Haven's Own Shop?

Friends and loyal customers have asked me whether Hijab Haven would start producing their own merchandise. Currently, it is mostly a shopping mall with great shops from around the internet. Sure, there are plans for Hijab Haven to come up with its own brand name! I have searching around for tools to create Hijab Haven's online store.
I know other sisters have really successful online stores they can share with the world, so I was browsing around looking at how they operate and see how I can incorporate their tricks in Hijab Haven. I guess it is useful to learn something new every day. I remember when I first set up Hijab Haven as what it is today, my learning curve was extremely steep.
Anyway I was shopping around for some ecommerce software to help spur my new goal in setting up an online store unique to Hijab Haven. I mean, for someone with no e-commerce experience this can be rather daunting. I just know I need a whole system that can facilitate transactions with a shopping cart. So I was glad to find some interesting packages that have helped amateurs comme moi. A Shop Commerce for example, seem to have all it takes to set up an online store easily.
If I were to go ahead and set up my store I would need a reliable service provider as I would want to be one for Hijab Haven's clients. Hmm... you are my client, what do you think? Anyway, the store allows easy payment transactions - I know it can be a pain when shoppers are trying to shop and the stores do not allow payment modes of their choice. Furthermore, their shopping cart software and customisable designs are attractive. Besides, they allow a free trial. That's always a bonus.
Well, those are my aspirations for Hijab Haven. Insha'Allah things will develop in the right direction. I look forward to looking into A Shop Commerce. I am a novice with alot to learn. Hopefully there will be opportunities for me to be taught!

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