Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Desert Store - Still a Top Pick in the Haven

I think one of the difficult parts of being a Muslimah revert is adapting to a so-called Islamic dress-code that seems foreign, traditional and alienating. This does not mean that the traditional jilbabs and abayas should not be worn, but I can understand that they do look intimidating to those who have not had enough exposure to their appearance. Of course, by wearing clothes that are contemporary is allowed and encouraged should it make a Muslimah a more confident person and proud of her religion, provided they comply with the tenets of Hijab.

So, I would like to re-visit Desert Store. It is a great place to look for Islamic Clothing, since they have the whole range of must-haves here in the store. Their jilbabs and abayas are extremely contemporary, yet modest. They jive well with busy-women-oriented societies - take formal and casual approaches as and when they have to. I would guess you can mix and match with shoes and hijaabs for the look you desire.

Their abaya collection seems to have a predominently black theme, but which woman does not wear black? It looks professional, is gentle on the figure and is easy to match with shoes, bags and brooches. Having said that their subtlety in their designs give room for personality and spice. There are some really lovely embroidery.

I also really like their jilbabs. I think the right jilbab makes room for a Muslimah in the corporate world. They really do - find a neutral coloured jilbab with a smart button-down front, and you will see what I mean. They are really attractive in all Islamic sense.

I hope to see additions though in Desert Store. Their gown collection looks rather enticing for those all-female occassions, though I would not mind something in black there! I hope to see more hijabs. With the range of other clothing, a wider selection of hijabs would be a great complement to the store.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Pink for You, You and You!

Buy Or Sell Anything Pink.

Some girls go from hating pink to loving it. Some go from loving pink to hating it. Blame it on our hormones. So maybe you are saying you never liked pink or you have always liked pink. I guess it's really a personal choice.

That's probably why I love Pink Auction! Here is a playground for only the pink.

If you love pink, pick up some new pinky, lovey, jazzy, sassy and funky clothes / accessories / trinkets / toys / laptops / cameras and even shoes.

If you are far from the pink-lover, why not consider disposing off your pinks to Pink Auction. You may even make some cash from those who are deliriously in love with that colour! - Buy / Sell Anything Pink. Phones, MP3 Players, Straightners, Make Up, Hand Bags, Clothes, Baby Accessories, Travel Gear, Cars & Scooters, Shoes, Jewellery - Anything!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Medicine the Alternative Way

Do you believe in alternative medicine? I do. But somehow alternative and modern medicine have been at logger heads for longer than we know. It is quite ironic since once upon a time "alternative" medicine used to be the past's modern medicine. How else would have societies before survived without things like anaestheia and operation theatres. Ok, so that was random, but you get my point right?

Even modern medicine is baffled at times at how tranditional remedies are able to treat and heal ailments, speed up labour and subdue pain. Alternative medications can include the consumption of herbs, massage, exercise and even using our body to combat potential medical complications.

Allah says in the Qur'an that there is a cure for every illness and since the Qur'an is a book for all times, Muslims believe that civilisations living centuries ago would have their own set of medical practices that remedied ailments and saved lives. Undoubtly modern medicine has played a fantastic role in prolonging life expectancy and curbing illnesses through vaccinations and check ups, but turning to natural medicine should never be an option ignored.

Cancer for example, I am sure it can be prevented or at least one can try to prevent it. The risk of breast, cervical and ovarian cancer can easily be reduced through breastfeeding. This, in its own right shows Allah's manifestations through His messages conveyed through our biological abilities.

Just a thought! I am all for alternative medicine, especially where modern science leaves gaps in their literature.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Tips on Wearing Hijab

It can be tricky, especially if you are just trying out the piece of attire for the very first time. Here is an interesting way to wear your headscarf - it is simple and stylish:

For more tips and tricks and a bigger picture of the one above, click here!

Blue – The Colour of Fomality and Serenity

Blue is a popular colour in the office. It is formal and professional yet is simple and easy on the eye – without any fancy adornments. Blue attire is a popular colour as it implies seriousness without being overbearing or overly-intimidating as black.

Whether it is a pant-suit (with a long jacket) or a dark blue abaya, blue brings the aura of strict focus on work in the corporate environment. Whether you are amongst colleagues, networking with clients or participating in presentations, the colour will never fail you.

In fact, blue is such an easy colour to wear at work, it would be highly unlikely for you to feel embarrassed if someone else is wearing a similarly designed outfit or hijab as you.

Blue also denotes serenity. You may be hanging out with your friends after work of enjoying a lazy date with your spouse. Blue communicates to your company that you are feeling relaxed and at peace at their presence. Blue has a distant effect on problems and worries and has the power to unclutter your mind.

Blue also represents the bright blue sky on a happy day and the vastness of oceans and seas. Appreciating the colour blue reminds us of the natural gifts that Allah designed specially for us – through His emaculate beauty and adornment.
Blue is an essential colour around the house to declutter the mind and unwind. Blue curtains, blue paintings, blue bedspreads all create the illusion of space and distance.

With peace and serenity in mind therefore, spending time in prayer is also useful when gelled with the colour blue. It is easy on the eye and can relieve you from your physical pains and aches through deep concentration on things that matter most.

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