Thursday, 21 June 2007

Changing the Perception of Desire

It's not uncommon for new Muslims or born-Muslim sisters who are about to embark on the wonderful world of hijab to wonder and ponder and wonder and worry about donning the head covering.

Sure, it's innate in human nature that we want to look beautiful, feel desired and to be sought after - hence the million adverts on telly, the radio, in glossy magazines on hair shampoo, hair dye, hair conditioner, hair accessories, latest hair-do's and many more.

The hijab, the hair-covering does not deny us from feeling beautiful, desired or sought after, it changes its perspective. Beauty as cliche-ic as it sounds is really not defined by physical appearances alone. And what greater beauty is beauty than beauty in the eyes of Allah Ta'ala. His Royal Comandment for women to dress modestly, with a head-scarf included, protects and liberates women - causing a diversion of attention from her physical appearance to her intellectual, articulate. ambitious self.

Would it not be better to be desired as a potential painter, business partner, journalist, civil engineer, politician, wife, teacher and / or mother than an object of elementary desire that is cleverly sewn into the mind-deceiving adverts above.And to be sought after? Well, don't we strive for the success of the akhirah, when we are sought after by our Creator and to be Majestically requested to be amongst who dwell in paradise?

Sure, it may be difficult for some women to liberate themselves by dressing modestly but looking past that - loving Allah Ta'ala and His Directive to wear Hijab is actually really easy - especially when you know the right people to help you through and know the right places to buy that extra inch of material.

Having said that however, by no means, should you stop following the fascinating developments in the hair industry. Style it up for yourself. Wear it down for your spouse. Have fun when around your sisters. Relax when around your Mahram.


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