Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Anti-Hijab Fever in Kosovo

It is unfortunate that Muslim countries have adopted ridiculous viewpoints regarding the Hijab. This ban in Kosovo obviously denotes the blatant lack of education with respect to women's rights in Islam.

Not only is the school violating these students' rights to dress as modest young women, they also have placed the image and appearance of the trio of greater importance as compared to their excellent academic track record.Apparently how they dress is more important that their intellect! Astarghfirullah!

It is misleading that three brilliant students should be kicked out of school for doing nothing but abiding by their Islamic beliefs.

For a country that claims to be a Muslim country or Muslim inhabited country, the demonstration of these 2 schools contradict the practices of the religion.

Denying a student, male or female, the right to a proper education is just a passport to stupidity and ignorance. Denying a woman's right to dress modestly is passport to calamity. What has happened to this country?

May dua's be said for Fatmire Jashari, Valbona Kabashi and Mihane Veliu. May Allah guide them in times of their difficulty.


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Safi said...

Assalamu alaikum!

Thanks for keeping us informed!

May Allah grant them steadfastness, increase their iman and grant them patience!

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