Sunday, 16 September 2007

"Decoding the Dress Myth," A Brilliant Article

One of my favourite webistes on the net has to IOL, just because there is so much information on Islam and I always try to learn something new. Personally, it refreshes my need for faith and realigns my principles when browsing through their articles.

Tonight I found this article particularly engaging. There are plenty beautiful articles supporting and loving Hijab and its wonders for Muslim women in every dedicated Islamic website. But this one was like a breath of fresh air.

A short excerpt:

"If a young lady wearing niqab does not want to start mixed-gender dealings, that is her right. Logically, then a woman who chooses to expose certain parts of her body, then she is inviting attention - and that is her choice. But the latter does not have the right to control the choices of others or claim that she is more liberated and progressive."

Hijab has alot to do with the right to protect one's self from obscenity. Obscenity can stem from your own self, other people and / or the general surroundings.

Personally, one comment I dislike about the Muslimah's dresscode, but unfortunately usually hear is that "hijab is just not a modern way to dress -"

"Decoding the Dress Myth" reminds us all that (poorer / slave) women pre-Islam in Arabia were made to dance around the Ka'abah or at parties partially or lewdly dressed for the pleasure of lecherous men. These women had no choice but to conform to this obscene practice.

It is unfortunate that women who are partially dressed nowadays boast that they are modern and up todate as they haphazardly keep up with the latests trends and fashions (that are forever changing) to remain modern in the eyes of others.

And moreover, they do have a choice!

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