Thursday, 17 January 2008

Do you have a Shirtdress?

This must be the perfect piece of attire for the modern muslim woman who spends most of her days outdoors. I found the piece while browsing around Her Modesty.

I think it looks chic, classy and extremely comfortable. Best of all, it covers well and can be worn with a long skirt or trousers. It is also extremely versatile and you would fit in well, whether at work or running to the grocery store.

The shirtdress works perfectly for those who do not have access to abayas and jilbabs - or for those who just do not prefer to wear one-pieces, whether at work or out on chores. Imagine it as a long top that does not display your precious curves but allows you to move freely and quickly when on the run. I am guessing it is also easy to slip on and off when moving in and out of your house.

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