Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Modern Mama, Modern Baby

If you are a fan of contemporary art, you have to check out this site. Modern Nursery is just brimming with modern ideas for your baby's life. I really had to share this store with you and have half the mind to add it to Hijab Haven's Muslim Baby enclave.

It's amazing. I love the furniture and the toys; the books and all the interior decor.... meal time at my household would be a real waste if we did not use any of this funky high chair collection. Though I do find this uglydog doll rather disturbing - it is far more suited to a wonky teenager in those weird hormonal years. But you never know, there may be little tikes who appreciate toys like that one.

But my favourite pieces of furniture are definitely ones that can store all the clutter. STORAGE! I know it's impossible to have everything in hiding, but if I ever had a chance to design my dreamhouse, all the walls would be built-in cupboards.

Anyway, if you are shopping for your baby, remember to check out this page. There are clothes, toys and Muslim dolls. I'm glad Barbie is being outshone in the girlie market - I used to have plenty of Barbie dolls growing up - I guess I was unlucky that Leen was not around yet. In fact, I might have even preferred the ugly doll set available at Modern Nursery. Who knows?

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