Monday, 14 January 2008

Islamic Bouitique - A Store Review

Shopping for clothes that comply with Islamic requirement can sometimes be a chore, especially when you are living in the West, and the range of longer, larger, less fitting clothings are sparse. Even in Asian countries, where fashionable attire can be a hype, Muslimahs often find it taxing to find a decent outfit that will comply to their requirements to cover when outdoors.

That is why I started this site - to help Muslimahs in the West find their outdoor abaya, jilbab, hijab and even their pair of black socks. LOL.

One of the first stores I was attracted to was Islamic Boutique, due to their range of Abayas. You know you would be comfortable donning an Abaya outdoors, and their range of designs, fabrics, colours and matching Hijabs provides for the Muslimah who is always on the run.

Today I was dawdling through the store and found their Auction Page. It is powered by eBay and it is great to browse through. Buying new clothes can be expensive, plus, shopping online with all that shipping costs can really bite into your budget. The alternative is to auction away at eBay!

I am pretty sure Islamic Boutique will surprise us with more designs and fashion statements for the Muslimah outdoors in 2008. I think alot of sisters enjoy trawling through their shop. Insha'Allah we will be able to find inspiration from within their philosophies.

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