Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Buying Medication Online - only for responsible shoppers

Shopping online can be fun. It can a breeze for those who are looking for hip and happy apparel and accessories. But there is also the market of serious shoppers - and by serious I mean those who are shopping for necessities - like medication.

I never had really thought about purchasing medicine online. Somehow, you would always visit your physician or tinker by the pharmacist. But I guess an online pharmacy sounds viable. It would actually save time on the road and in queues. It would also save money (if you are looking at transportation costs). But online shopping does that and online pharmacies are now available to ease your chores of the week.

I mentioned being a responsible shopper when it comes to buying prescribed medicine through the internet for obvious reasons. Though Buy Online Pharmacy provides a questionnaire to ascertain the viability of your medication, it is really up to the consumer to be honest with him or herself before purchasing and ultimately consuming the medication.

But the good thing about a store like this, is that it houses a range of medication that treat a wide range of ailments such as muscle pain, headaches, anxiety and health conditions that affect both men and women. Prices seem to be competitive too with guaranteed overnight shipping.

It really is up to you to determine your level of comfort when buying prescribed meds online. Since the website is managed by licensed physicians and pharmacists, you can always contact them unlike physical clinics and stores that operate only during business hours.


Maryam said...

I dont know whether i would ever considering buying medications online or not. But i havent did that till now, neither do i think i would.

hijabhaven said...

assalamu'alaykum Maryam,
thanks for the consumer point of view. i understand your apprehension about that. personally, i've never purchased meds online, mostly because, alhamdulillah, i don't need any. i don't know what it would be like in the future though. it's a "thoughtful" facility though, for those who might need medication and don't need to leave the house. (?) if that even makes sense.

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